Friday, June 28, 2013

Mixing it Up

Like every other girl out there, I like sequins, especially daytime sequins. I remember waaaayy back when it was oh so revolutionary to rock sequins when the sun is still out. Now, nobody even gives it a second thought. So naturally when I think casual Friday, sequins, a white tee and a chambray skirt made total sense.

Granted, feathered skirts make sense to me too, but we'll save that for another day.

T-Shirt: Gap // Top: J. Crew Collection {similar} // Skirt: J. Crew {try this or this}

Yep, I loved my cheapie oversized sunglasses so much I got them in black too!


Ring: H&M {similar}  // Earrings: Michael Kors {similar} // Watch: Michael Kors Oversize Runway
// Nail Polish: Essie 'Lilacism'

Purse: Marc Jacobs Stam // Ballet Flats: FS/NY

Fancy Friday


I'm a sucker for a fancy dress, as well as pretty much anything involving Paris. When you combine the two I obviously adore it...and will likely be daydreaming for weeks! I'm not sure which I want more, a gorgeous dress or a trip to Paris...Ok, the trip, but a fancy gown is a close second.

My plans this weekend do involve exotic trips, although granted only through the magic of the movies. Even though I've watched "Midnight in Paris" and "The Thomas Crown Affair" too many times to count, they're calling my name this weekend. Nothing wrong with a little art theft and time travel right?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Little White Dress

I love white. Its crispness, boldness, and of course, it shows off even the slightest of a tan. You know what I don't love? Spending the entire day in fear of spilling all over it. Since I can't seem to stop buying white clothes though, I figured I may as well wear them. Plus, when its supposed to feel like 100 degrees, there's nothing like a little white dress to keep you cool(er)!

For once, nothing I'm wearing though is new, perhaps as penance for my Clover Canyon and Equipment mini-spree lately?

Jacket: Generra {try this or this} // Dress: Zara {this Tibi is perfection}
// Necklace: Present from South Africa {try this or this} // Cuff: J. Crew {similar}


Watch: Michael Kors Oversize Runway // Rings: Vintage, Ambiance 
Nail Polish: Essie 'Lilacism'

Wedges: Cole Haan

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fancy Friday: Hello Summer!


For me, summer starts the second the calendar hits June 1st, however today is the official first day. Even though we don't get summer vacation anymore (a travesty to be sure), there is still always that extra energy and anticipation for summer. Granted when its humid and 100 degrees in August we all curse the weather (cue "Cruel Summer" on endless repeat), but for now summer feels as carefree as this photo.

I took today off (no, not to get a head start on embracing any latent Paganism) to check out the new exhibit at the National Gallery 'Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, 1909-1929: When Art Danced with Music.'  
My mom actually danced ballet  for quite a while and still loves it. While I may not have inherited 
her grace nor her sense of rhythm, I do share her love for art...especially if Chanel costumes are involved!

Maybe later, I'll throw on a flower crown and crash a summer solstice party--
Have a Great Weekend!

It's Hip to be Square

I fell in love with the cut of the dress and the fact that it has puff sleeves AND pockets.  I believe every piece of clothing should come with an option for pockets-- they just make everything better. Granted, I rarely put anything in them, but I like knowing the option is there. Plus, the dress has a sort of urban safari feel to it, which I'm totally on board with.

I was not sold however, on the gigantic square first. I contemplated removing them but decided that the geometry of them really did suit the neckline. Plus, when has a Milly dress ever done me wrong? Plus, its another instance of a necklace being built right in, making getting dressed in the morning a snap!

So apparently I can't always trust my first instincts, but can always trust the designer's!

Dress: Milly {I really couldn't find an exact match, but you could try this or this}
 // Watch: Michael Kors // Nail Polish: Essie 'Borrowed & Blue'

Details // Bracelets: Vintage, J. Crew {similar}

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gingham Gal

While I absolutely adore the crispness of an all white suit, I am also a complete klutz. The two do not usually mix well, so I tend to avoid wearing more than one item of white clothing at a time (my life is so hard right??) 

So really, you could say that with this outfit I am living on the edge and laughing in the face of danger. No, I am not being dramatic at all. This is truly momentous, I mean, what next? Will I don a pair of overalls?! Ok that will never happen without a gun to my head (maybe not even then), but you get the idea.

As if an all white suit doesn't just scream summer already, I threw in my neon gingham button down. Gingham just feels so breezy and carefree...don't ask me why. Apparently I like tying my button downs too, perhaps I'm a little bit country?

Jacket: James Perse {similar} // Shirt: J. Crew {almost identical here} // Skirt: Zara {this is super cute}

Necklace: Vintage from my Mom {similar}

Bracelets: J. Crew // HRH Collection

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peplum Party

While I love the look of peplum's on dainty runway models and 1940's movie sirens, I was never quite sure if I liked them on me. This dress has enough of a peplum (one half to be exact) to give it a vintage feel, but not so much as to date it as 'trendy.' The ruching on the bodice combined with the floral print and silhouette just further enhances the retro look.

Dresses like this are pure gold, because you can dress them up or down, take them to the office or out on the town. Its like two dresses for the price of one!

Jacket: James Perse {similar} // Dress: Trina Turk {try this or this}

Necklace: Banana Republic {similar} // Bracelet: J. Crew {similar
// Nail Polish: Essie 'Ole Caliente'

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fancy Friday

If I were going to a super ritzy Hamptons garden party, I would definitely wear this. Actually, its so gorgeous and fun I would even wear it around the house just to make watching TV seem fancier. Something this beautiful shouldn't be saved for imaginary occasions.

Granted I don't have a lot of spare ballgowns laying around my apartment, just wasting away, but the idea of not waiting around for the 'right' time or occasion is something I'm trying to get over. This doesn't mean you'll likely see me out in a full length sequin dress next time I'm out at my favorite wine bar, but I am trying to be more spontaneous and overthink less.

No time like the weekend to break out a more carefree way of thinking!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vintage Vibing

I seem to be on even more of a retro kick than usual this week. Whether its just retro inspired or legit vintage, I can't get enough! I purchased this 70's wrap dress on Ebay a few years back and always reach for it on a bright sunny day. The cute white piping and delicate little ruffles just feel so happy to me.

I know that I probably wear this Oia Jules bracelet at least twice a week, but it just seems to go with everything...including perfectly matching my nail polish! It took me a while to get off the red/pink nail polish bandwagon, but I love experimenting now. In case you haven't noticed yet, I have a major Essie addiction (and if you don't, what are you waiting for??)

Dress: Vintage {try this and this Lanvin is amazing!} 

Necklaces: Both gifts from my parents {both from some little store in San Fran..}

Nail Polish: Essie 'In the Cab-Ana' // Bracelets: Oia Jules, J. Crew

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Palm Beach Party

I don't know whether its the pattern, the colors, or the giant bell sleeves, but I always feel like I should be back in 1960's Palm Beach when I wear this. While the dress itself is very bold, the material is incredibly light and airy, which is perfect for surviving the heat of the summer. The exaggerated sleeves mean that I won't freeze either with the arctic chill of the office.

To toughen up the vibe slightly, I threw on my trust necklace and my new HRH bracelet that I adore. A match made in heaven if you ask me! 

Now, where is that cabana boy with my daiquiri??

Dress: Trina Turk {identical style here}

Earrings: Sorrelli // Necklace: Ben Amun {similar} // Nail Polish: Essie "Sure Shot"

Bracelet: HRH Collection

Wedges: Cole Haan

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daytime Dress Up

Jacket: Milly {similar here and here} // Dress: Benetton {old but love this Milly one}
// Necklace: BaubleBar {try this as a base} // Bracelet: J. Crew {similar}

Rings: Vintage // Nail Polish: Essie 'Hot Shot'

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fancy Friday

First off, this dress is stunning. The cut, color, flow, I need it in my life! I'll probably be dreaming of this dress tonight in fact...where of course I will look just like this...

{I'll think about it tomorrow indeed...}

Usually I'm looking forward to having plans for the weekend, but this weekend? I'm beyond excited not to have plans! Sometimes you just need to take a little time out and recharge your batteries. Of course, it doesn't help that there is supposed to be so much rain you could practically swim to the grocery store.

Whether you've got big plans to take on the town or just to relax like me, have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Orange Crush

Based on the bright color alone, I adore the dress, but the fact that I can literally thrown it on in 5 seconds and manage to look put together? Well, that makes it one of my magic dresses. What, your clothes don't have special powers? You are seriously missing out.

The simple {but wonderfully cut} style of the dress means that its the perfect backdrop for my amazing chain necklace{last seen here}, which could probably be classified as a weapon in some states***

Dress: Tibi {almost identical}  // Necklace: BaubleBar // 
Watch: Michael Kors 'Oversized Runway' // Cuff: Forever21 {similar}

Nail Polish: Essie 'Watermelon'

My photos do not do this necklace is stunning!

Bag: Marc Jacobs 'Stam' // Ballet Flats: Sofft

***Of course, D. C. is not a state, so I am totally in the clear no matter what

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time for the Tropics

No, I'm not on my way to an island getaway that I somehow forgot to mention (I wish), but I am loving the tropical print on my skirt. After seeing palm prints everywhere this season, I was on a mission to make it my own, just at a much more reasonable price point.

Now I could have scoured the internet and stores alike for hours on end (as if I haven't done that before), but instead went straight to ebay. I can't even list all of the amazing finds I've scored on there, from vintage rings to new with tags Tibi! This little number popped right up-- Ann Taylor of all places and under $10! Done and done.

Hopefully it will help tide me over until I DO finally go on the tropical vacation of my dreams...

Blazer: Marc Jacobs // Blouse: Elizabeth & James // Skirt: Ann Taylor {similar or try shorts}

Bracelets: Oia Jules, J. Crew 

Necklaces: Max & Chloe, Zodiac charm {gift}

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