Friday, January 31, 2014

Fancy Friday

Add Instant Drama To Your Look

I had about 5 or 6 images that I was debating between for this post...until I saw this photo. I may have even audibly gasped {a little.} I never knew that my life wouldn't be complete without a silver midi dress, but now I can't get it out of my head! It would be helpful {to my bank account} to become obsessed with practical items every once in a while, but where is the fun in that?

While Friday seemed to take even longer than usual to come this week, its worth the wait. Mid-30's is a heatwave compared to the arctic temperatures of late...and there is even sunshine too! This may call for me to break out my tutu in fact... My girlfriend and I are going to an art event at the Ritz tonight, which will be a nice change from the usual. I like art. I like fancy hotels. Oh, and I do like how can we go wrong? If you're interested in going, there is more information here.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Cuckoo for Cocoa

I consider chocolate one of the essential food groups, so I must have had my favorite (dark!) on the brain while getting ready today. Even though I don't really think white chocolate counts, it helped prevent me from looking like a walking chocolate bar (or crayon.) Throw on my trusty gold chains and over the knee boots and I'm good to go!

Sweater: James Perse // T-Shirt: Isli // Skirt: Zara
// Vest: Members Only {try this or this}

Necklace: Vintage // Bracelet: Vintage // Ring: Vintage {notice a theme??}
Nail Polish: Zoya 'Giovanna'

Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary' tote // Boots: Vince Camuto 'Karita'

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rhapsody in Blue

No, I didn't decide to boycott outfit posts, nor have I fallen off the face of the earth. Mainly I will blame the frigid cold for robbing me of inspiration for outfits during the week...I mean how cute can you look when your breath freezes when you walk outside? Oh and that stupid broken toe? That didn't help.

STILL! No more excuses. Even though I am trying to be slightly better about shopping {well, for me} it doesn't mean there aren't plenty of new to me outfits just by shopping my closet. I've had both the sweater and skirt since last year but never wore them together. Since I've been into that whole monochromatic look lately, it was a natural combination.

So take that Mother Nature, I've had it with your iron grip on my wardrobe choices. No more!

Sweater: Asos {love this gold one} // Skirt: Forever21 {try this or this} // Fur Vest: LaRok {try this}

Bracelets: Oia Jules, J. Crew

Nail Polish: Zoya 'Giovanna'
{This was a little lighter than I expected but still love how mesmirizingly mirror-like it is}

Boots: Forever21 // Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary' tote // Puffer Coat: Michael Kors

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fancy Friday

{lara stone}

For me, this is the perfect mix of how you mix high/low/fancy/casual. Plus, I am almost as obsessed with feathered clothing as I am with sequinned clothes. {Sidenote: I really should find a dress with both sequins and do I not own one?} Anyway, if I indeed manage to brave the cold this weekend, I think an oversized sweater plus my feather skirt will be the perfect way to dress up without getting frostbite.

I am tired of writing about being cold, talking about the temperature and oh right, being cold. Excuse me while I go stow away in someone's suitcase and head for the tropics.

Until then.... have a great weekend!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sequins, Sequins, Everywhere

I joke about how I can't stop buying sequins, but I legit don't seem to be able to stop! Need proof? Just look at this, this and this post for starters! They not only turn a seemingly blah outfit into something infinitely more fun, they also just make me happy. Cheaper addiction than say...sports cars...right? 

Sequin sweater: J. Crew {try this or this} // Coated pants: Paige Denim //
Faux fur vest: French Connection {similar} // Coat: H&M

Headband: Prada {great score at old Filene's, but try this} // Earrings: Sorrelli // Bracelet: Forever21 
// Nail polish: Essie 'For the Twill of it'

Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary' // Booties: Forever21 {really want these of course}

Fancy Friday

Happy Birthday, Kate Moss! See her 40 best looks here!
{kate the great}

While yesterday was Kate Moss's actual birthday, every fashion post is really an homage to her in some way now isn't it?? There are no words for how much I love this look, other than just wow, amazing, stunning, etc. But really, with a look like this, who needs words anyway? Oh, and totally rocking this dress right now as I type of course {in my head...}

Did you notice this is the first post all week? I'd love to say its because I've been so fabulously busy I just haven't had a moment to write, but I can't lie to you. I broke my toe beating up a mugger on Sunday while...oh wait no lies. Ok, so I tripped Sunday afternoon at home, doing absolutely nothing, and broke a toe. The pain I can deal with, the no working out and no fun footwear? Let's just say it has not left my very sartorially inspired nor inclined.

In the past, I would just work out anyway, wear the cute shoes and just live in {painful} denial, but I'm trying to be a little more mature in hopes that it means I'll heal faster and be back in super high heels and running {but not at the same time, I'm not THAT girl!}

At least its a long weekend, no arctic temperatures, and my closet has welcome a few new fabulous sparkly pieces this week. There's always something to be excited for!

Whatever you have planned, have a great weekend {and be careful!}

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fancy {feathered} Friday

So last week it was all about the sequins, but today I've got feathers on the brain {yeah yeah, feather-brained, I get it.} Actually, my love for feathered clothing never went away, it just is even more of an obsession lately. I blame my successful wearing of my black feathered skirt a few weekends back-- up until then it had only seen the inside of my closet as I danced around in it. White feathers are just so wintery right? Ok, maybe just me, but I'm on the hunt now regardless!

With warmer temperatures on the horizon {man I feel like I talk about temperature more than the weather person lately} I'm looking forward to a lot more energy and a little less hibernation. Tonight however, is reserved for chill indoor activities... aka painting my nails and maybe even a movie {gasp!} Tomorrow I'm off to finally see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Phillips with my Mom, so that should bring some much needed inspiration and culture.

Are you planning on cozying up at home or hitting the town?

Either way, its the weekend finally, so enjoy!

Jewel Tones

When you have a necklace this stunning, nothing else is really needed...even for someone who enjoys throwing in the usual extra something here and there. I must confess every time I wear it I catch myself just watching it sparkle, and I swear in one of these photos it looks like its glowing!

Dress: Theory {similar here but adore this} // Top: J. Crew {almost identical here}// Coat: H&M {try this }

Necklace: Lulu Frost // Bracelet: J. Crew

{Glamour Shot!}

Nail Polish: Essie 'Russian Roulette'

Boots: Frye // Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary Tote' {great placeholder till the Celine fairy visits me}

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Treat Yo Self

The 'Parks and Recreation' episode with Donna and Tom's #treatyoself storyline never fails to amuse me. Hey, guess what, its Thursday. There are sales. There are the post-holiday meh's. So why not??

Asos: Extra 10% off all sale items {code: Jan10}
Netaporter: Extra 20% of already crazy sale prices {code: Gift20}
Madewell: Extra 40% off a lot of great sale items. I just picked 
up this dress I've been eyeing for ages! {code: Cozyup}
Shopbop: Up to 70% off fall/winter clearance. So tempted to finally 
get the Rag & Bone 'Harrow' booties I've been eyeing...

There are a ton more sales out there, these are just the ones I've been stalking lately...

{all from BYT}

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fancy Friday

sequin maxi + plaid slip-ons #obsessed

Well, New Years may have come and gone {don't even get me started on how crazily fast the holidays went by...} but I still have sequins on the brain. If anything, I want to wear them even more, and what better way to make them perfectly acceptable for daytime wear than a pair of sneakers? Have I mentioned I can rationalize anything?

Usually I'd be gung-ho about weekend escpades, but the combination of the holidays, NYE and this bitter cold, hibernation is way more appealing. I may not have dreams of sugarplums anymore, but you can bet I've got hot cocoa and fireplaces on the brain...

Have a great weekend and Happy New Year!

Swanky Sweatshirt

After spending New Years day watching a 'Mindy Project' marathon, the idea of going back to work in anything other than pajamas was quite disconcerting. Thank goodness I had my fancy J. Crew sweatshirt! While not quite the same as pajamas, it sure helped to ease me back into the workweek without looking like a couch potato. Throw on some trusty flat over the knee boots and I was good to go.

Hope your 2014 is off to a great start!

Sweatshirt: J. Crew {similar here and here} // Skirt: H&M 
// Jacket: J. Crew {similar} // Fur Snood: Asos

Bracelet: J. Crew // Nail Polish: Essie 'Lollipop'

Boots: Vince Camuto 'Karita'
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