Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rhapsody in Blue

No, I didn't decide to boycott outfit posts, nor have I fallen off the face of the earth. Mainly I will blame the frigid cold for robbing me of inspiration for outfits during the week...I mean how cute can you look when your breath freezes when you walk outside? Oh and that stupid broken toe? That didn't help.

STILL! No more excuses. Even though I am trying to be slightly better about shopping {well, for me} it doesn't mean there aren't plenty of new to me outfits just by shopping my closet. I've had both the sweater and skirt since last year but never wore them together. Since I've been into that whole monochromatic look lately, it was a natural combination.

So take that Mother Nature, I've had it with your iron grip on my wardrobe choices. No more!

Sweater: Asos {love this gold one} // Skirt: Forever21 {try this or this} // Fur Vest: LaRok {try this}

Bracelets: Oia Jules, J. Crew

Nail Polish: Zoya 'Giovanna'
{This was a little lighter than I expected but still love how mesmirizingly mirror-like it is}

Boots: Forever21 // Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary' tote // Puffer Coat: Michael Kors

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