Friday, February 28, 2014

Fancy Friday


Sure, it feels like negative 20 outside today, but my mind is already in Spring mode. Nothing says hello warm weather like a crop top and balloons, yes? Plus, balloons make me happy and that's what Friday is all about {no, not about ME, but being happy!} As I huddle by my space-heater, clutching my faux fur vest,, I dream of a day when legs are bare and boots {as much as I love them} are a distant memory.

Ok I know, I've GOT to stop talking about the weather {and overusing ellipses, brackets and exclamation points...!!!!} I'm gearing up a for a girls night tonight and some quality time chilling tomorrow night, the best of both worlds. On Sunday I'll put on my best evening gown and drink champagne while watching the Oscars. Not really, but one of these years I will!

Have a great weekend!

Movin on Up

The only thing new in this whole post phone! Hopefully you've noticed that the pictures look at least a tad crisper and truer to life...or at least will  now that I blatantly pointed it out {unless its all in my head.} Other than that, its just some oldies but goodies that I threw together. Other than black and white {obviously} I think nude and black is my favorite color combination.

I found the fur scarf ages ago in San Francisco for under $10, which reminds me that I am long overdue for a trip back. I've always said if I ever leave D.C. I'm moving to San Francisco-- who knows, maybe next trip I won't come back!

Jacket: BCBG // T-shirt: LnA // Skirt: Forever21

{all about my crazy 'scarf'}

Nail polish: Zoya 'Giovanna' // Ring: H&M

Bag: J. Crew // Ballet flats: Pour La Victoire

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clean and Simple

I woke up this morning and decided that whatever I wore, I wanted to belt it. Well actually, I woke up, wished I had 2 more hours to sleep and someone who would bring me coffee in bed...but after that I had belts on the brain.
I'm not sure if this was meant to be a lady cummerbund or an homage to the obi but it always makes me feel a tad fancier whenever I wear it-- and we all know feeling fancy is one of my favorite things! However, some days even I don't feel like going completely over the top, so I call this my version of 'minimalst(ish).

Sweater: Isli {similar} // Dress: Ecoskin // Belt: Vintage {try this or this}
Jacket: J. Crew // Faux Fur Collar: Asos

Earrings: J. Crew {sold out but try these} Ring: Consignment // Bracelet: Banana Republic
Nail Polish: Essie 'Lollipop'

{guess who finally got a haircut?!}

{so obsessed with these earrings...}

Boots: BCBG

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fancy Friday

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014
{milan fashion week 2014}

I know I know, big shocker, another gorgeous ballgown skirt. I can't help it! They are so dramatic in shape alone, and then red and tulle? Hello new lover! Usually I think that the combination of red and black can be too dramatic or just too 'traditional' a pairing. However, the leather jacket {apparently now I need a cropped one} and the floppy hat make it accessible. I have two red skirts {sadly not ball skirts} that I really need to wear more, and this makes me want to bring them out!

I've decided to make tonight a night of pampering, aka do my nails, put on a facemask and do a movie...if I feel extra ambitious maybe use my oven for more than storage too. I was already excited to have plans for tomorrow night {and a much needed haircut} and the fact that its going to be in the 60s? Well I better go break out those sundresses :)

Hope you have a great weekend too!!

A Skirt of a Different Color

You know when you find something you love, and you wish you had it in every color {but sadly wait too long and are stuck with only one}? Well, that's this Asos skirt for me. I started with the pink then the blue, and of course once it came in black I just had to get it right. I've learned from past mistakes that if I am lusting after something, chances are quite a few other girls are too, so I pounced on this one. Unlike before, they learned how popular it was and I don't think its sold out again since, but I still am happy I didn't wait. Still two colors left I don't have though... :)

I could go on about the twirling, the scuba material, the pockets, but I've already done that in over half my posts. So instead, lets talk about this top. I got it from Zara on mega clearance, and it was advertised as a striped crop top. Now, while I may order crop tops, I don't really wear them outside my apartment, however with a high waisted skirt (and ok, a camisole...this IS a work day after all) I was out the door!

I swear too...I'll start wearing  color

Top: Zara {similar sweater version here} // Skirt: Asos
{was in a rush so only picture I snapped...yes its an awkward one but ah well}

Necklace: Baublebar

Nail Polish: Zoya 'Godiva' // Ring: H&M // Cuff: Forever21

Bag: J. Crew // Shoes: Zara // Leather Jacket: Guess 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Layers and Lace

I don't know if its the weather or its just easier, but I find myself wearing head to toe black even more than usual. Luckily, after 8 years wearing all black for bartending, my closet is brimming with black pieces. I love this Equipment blouse but its rather hard to wear on its own without being too scandalous {at least work} so it was the perfect piece to layer under my swingy dress. Lately, I can't get enough drop waist dresses, probably because they make we want to twirl and shimmy...

Dress: Asos {similar here and here} // Lace top: Equipment {similar here and here
// Jacket: J. Crew {old but found some on ebay!}

Necklace: Vintage // Watch: Michael Kors 'Oversized Runway'


Nail Polish: Zoya 'Godiva'

Bags: Forever21, J. Crew // Boots: Forever21

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toughened up Tweed

Dress: Rebecca Taylor {old but try this, this or this version in mint}// T-shirt: Theory 
// Coat: Anthropologie {try this though great vintage ones too like this and this}

Necklace: Baublebar // Bracelet: Banana Republic // Nail Polish: Essie 'Devil's Advocate'

Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary' tote // Thigh high socks: H&M // Boots: Stuart Weitzman '5050'

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fancy Friday


Not that I don't adore every one of Blair's outfits as it is, but given the fact that I have worn all black 90% of the week, I thought this was extra appropriate. Maxi skirts/dresses are one of those things that I love, however rarely wear since I don't have a driver to prevent my hems from getting ruined. 

I pretty much end up stocking up fancy ballgown-y skirts...and then wearing them in my apartment on the weekend with a glass of wine. Fun, but not exactly 'practical.' Seeing this look though makes me want to run out and go by every full length skirt and gown that I can find...

No exotic plans for the weekend {yet} and given that I found an amazing pair of black satin pajamas last weekend, I plan on spending a lot of time fancily lazing around. Of course, whenever I say its a weekend of staying in the opposite usually happens {just like when I say I won't shop...} so we shall see!

Whether you're staying in or going out, enjoy the weekend!

Back in Black

While my top obsessions may be sequins and feathers (hmm..and leather), the next one would be any item of clothing made out of neoprene/scuba material. I don't know if its the feel of it, the fullness or the fact that it happens to magically hide any areas you are...less than pleased with...but I love it! Plus, what better backdrop for a statement necklace like this than all black?

Dress: Madewell {similar here and here} // T-shirt: H&M // Belt: Vintage YSL {thank you Mustard Seed!}
Jacket: J. Crew {similar here and here} // Purse: J. Crew

Necklace: J. Crew {this is almost identical} // Bracelet: J. Crew 
{um I swear I have not sold my soul to J. Crew!}

Heels: Zara

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Retro in the Rain

Even though this dress is only a few years old, it feels very 60's mod to me, which is always a plus in my book. Oh and it has pockets, so pretty much its perfect. I have also decided that these Forever21 booties are my new 'rain' boots when its just a drizzle-- fake leather comes in handy sometimes! Other than that, its pretty much my go to's: {faux} fur and gold. You can expect to see a LOT of headbands, buns and hats until next week when I get my hair done, so I'll try to mix it up.

Imagining that I am some free spirited girl in 1960's Paris {because Paris makes everything} better is the only thing that is making this dreary weather tolerable!

Dress: DVF {old but I love this one & this one} // Vest: Members Only {try this or this}
// Coat: J. Crew 'Icon Trench'

Headband: Prada // Necklace: Gift from Parents // Bracelets: Saks Jandel, J. Crew


Nail Polish: Zoya 'Storm'

Bag: J. Crew 'Tillary' tote // Booties: Forever 21

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