Friday, February 28, 2014

Fancy Friday


Sure, it feels like negative 20 outside today, but my mind is already in Spring mode. Nothing says hello warm weather like a crop top and balloons, yes? Plus, balloons make me happy and that's what Friday is all about {no, not about ME, but being happy!} As I huddle by my space-heater, clutching my faux fur vest,, I dream of a day when legs are bare and boots {as much as I love them} are a distant memory.

Ok I know, I've GOT to stop talking about the weather {and overusing ellipses, brackets and exclamation points...!!!!} I'm gearing up a for a girls night tonight and some quality time chilling tomorrow night, the best of both worlds. On Sunday I'll put on my best evening gown and drink champagne while watching the Oscars. Not really, but one of these years I will!

Have a great weekend!

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