Friday, February 21, 2014

Fancy Friday

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014
{milan fashion week 2014}

I know I know, big shocker, another gorgeous ballgown skirt. I can't help it! They are so dramatic in shape alone, and then red and tulle? Hello new lover! Usually I think that the combination of red and black can be too dramatic or just too 'traditional' a pairing. However, the leather jacket {apparently now I need a cropped one} and the floppy hat make it accessible. I have two red skirts {sadly not ball skirts} that I really need to wear more, and this makes me want to bring them out!

I've decided to make tonight a night of pampering, aka do my nails, put on a facemask and do a movie...if I feel extra ambitious maybe use my oven for more than storage too. I was already excited to have plans for tomorrow night {and a much needed haircut} and the fact that its going to be in the 60s? Well I better go break out those sundresses :)

Hope you have a great weekend too!!

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