Thursday, October 3, 2013


If you find something you love, hold on to it right? Oh, and then buy it in every color you can. Right, so that's why this skirt in blue just wasn't enough for me. Logical and practical, that's me! Thanks to our lovely 80 degree October weather, a coral skirt doesn't feel the least bit out of place (although even if it did, that wouldn't stop me!)
Now on to the star though, the shoes. I'd love to claim originality on them but Like anything and everything that Miss Blair Edie of Atlantic-Pacific wears, I immediately decided I had to make them mine. While my shoe obsession has taken a backseat lately to an unquenchable bag lust, its now back in full effect. You (and my bank account) have been warned...

Skirt: Asos // Sweater: H&M // Belt: Linea Pelle

Necklace: Vintage // Cuff: H&M
// Nail Polish: Essie 'Just for the Twill of it'


Shoes: Zara  {want these and these next}

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