Friday, October 25, 2013

Fancy Friday


While I'm not usually one for velvet ensembles, this photo single-handledly changed my mind. The tailoring, color, and vintage vibe are just dreamy, and would make staying warm look much more stylish than usual.

Based purely on my insane obsession with boots and coats, I, like every other blogger out there, have been waiting for cold temperatures. Then I woke up, went outside, and remembered what 40 degrees felt like. Whoops, too late now though! Sundresses will finally be packed away this weekend, and the great season swap will begin. You get what you wish for indeed...

One thing that won't be packed away from teh summer though? My white feather fascinator! One of my best friends (and most amazing hostess I know) is having an adult tea party this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Friends and fanciness? Yes please!

So, bundle up, and go have a great weekend!

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