Friday, October 11, 2013

Fancy Friday

Because it is epic....

White in cold weather isn't just reserved for bunnies, brides, and evil Queens from Narnia. This is a perfect example of just how epically dreamy it can be. It goes without saying (though I will anyway) that I have an obsession with feathered clothing, so being wrapped up in a cloud of feathers would be heaven. Practical? No, but what fun things are??

Lately there doesn't seem to be anything practical that appeals to me, its all exotic trips, boots that cost more than my rent and purses that would cost as much as a car. Hopefully its a phase, because I never do remember to buy a lottery ticket. 

So other than daydreaming there isn't much planned for the weekend. Rainy days are meant for relaxing right? Whether you're going out on the town or having a pajama party like me...

Have a great weekend!

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