Friday, October 18, 2013

The Uniform

To say that I can't get enough of leather (be it real, faux or vegan) may be the understatement of the year. No matter how many shorts, skirts, jackets or pants I buy, I always seem to need (ok want) more. I've been almost as drawn to army green and camo, but not a full on addiction yet. So while not the most creative, its become one of my favorite go to combinations. 

Everyone needs their own version of a uniform when it comes to getting ready...especially in the morning when I manage to never have enough time no matter how early I get up! Now excuse me while I go add more skirts to my virtual shopping cart...

Top: Zara // Skirt: Asos {want this one next!}

Ring: H&M // Cuff: H&M // Nail Polish: Essie 'Chinchilly'

Heels: Coach
I'm having a MAJOR cutout/lace-up heels moment! I just bought these from Zara which I adore,but feel like I should add these even though it'll be winter before  I know it....

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