Friday, October 18, 2013

Fancy Friday

Burgundy Gown

While it hasn't been a rough week-- nor a particularly eventful or interesting one-- I've been waiting with even more bated breath than usual for Friday. Why? Absolutely no reason really! The novelty of not working weekends anymore has yet to wear off. Just knowing I have the freedom to do as I please has made me so happy that I finally look forward to the weekends ago (like a normal person.)

So this weekend could be jam-packed or it could be nothing but lazy strolls and reading in bed with a cup (or five) of coffee, but its the freedom and the possibilities that make it so great. Of course, there are plenty of things I should do, but that will never really stop no matter how many tasks I check off, so what's the point in stressing over it?

Hope you have a great weekend filled with endless possibilities!!

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