Friday, January 10, 2014

Fancy {feathered} Friday

So last week it was all about the sequins, but today I've got feathers on the brain {yeah yeah, feather-brained, I get it.} Actually, my love for feathered clothing never went away, it just is even more of an obsession lately. I blame my successful wearing of my black feathered skirt a few weekends back-- up until then it had only seen the inside of my closet as I danced around in it. White feathers are just so wintery right? Ok, maybe just me, but I'm on the hunt now regardless!

With warmer temperatures on the horizon {man I feel like I talk about temperature more than the weather person lately} I'm looking forward to a lot more energy and a little less hibernation. Tonight however, is reserved for chill indoor activities... aka painting my nails and maybe even a movie {gasp!} Tomorrow I'm off to finally see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Phillips with my Mom, so that should bring some much needed inspiration and culture.

Are you planning on cozying up at home or hitting the town?

Either way, its the weekend finally, so enjoy!

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