Friday, August 30, 2013

Fancy Friday

This is brilliant! If I wear sunglasses with all my formal dresses then I too can totally just rock them traipsing around all the resorts I frequent. Excuse me while I go by new sunglasses, a plane ticket, and an evening dress. OK, the last thing is actually true. 

For someone who has such an um...extensive...closet, you'd think I would have full length dresses in every color of the rainbow right? Shockingly no. I know, you are just as amazed as I am. Its not often I have a mission for shopping that does not need to be rationalized away-- what a novel idea!

Also, my last shift of bartending is this weekend. I haven't had Saturdays off in 8 years, so while it may not be great for the wallet, I'm already thinking of a million and one things I'll be doing with the free time. 

In other more relevant to you all news, the long weekend is finally here--
Enjoy, you've earned it!**

**Even if you haven't, so what? Go have fun!

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