Friday, August 16, 2013

Fancy Friday

WendysLookbook Style Lab Look 1-14

Not sure which I'm more envious of, the stunning background, or the work-of-art dress. Ok, knowing me its the dress, but the scenery is a close second! One of these days, I'll stop posting photos filled with travel and my wanderlust, and just GO. Today though, this will do.
The weather has been imitation Fall perfection and for once, I'm loving it. I must have hit my sundress saturation early this summer! Not only are the days of summer numbered, but after almost 8 years, my days of working on the weekends are as well. 
This year, I don't want the only changes I make to be with my wardrobe. I'm hoping that maybe now I'll go out and take those art classes, start yoga, learn another language...Ok, realistically probably just yoga but still, baby steps.

Whether your plans are big or small (or none at all) I hope you enjoy them!

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