Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! | photo by Chelsea Fullerton, styling by Grown-up Shoes

I may not believe in Santa anymore, but Christmas is still my favorite holiday of the year. The music alone is enough to make me grin ear to ear! Its always such a fun treasure hunt finding the perfect give for everyone...and yes the {ahem} occasional present to myself too if we are being honest. Its also one of the few holidays where we still have many of the same family traditions that we did when my sister and I were children. While some parts may have evolved over the years {OJ replaced with coffee, chocolate Santa's replaced with..oh wait there IS no substitute for that one!} we still gather around the tree in the morning listening to carols and opening stockings just like we did growing up.

When I start to get a stressed and a little too wrapped up in the millions of commitments, errands, etc that lead up to the season, I just remember how wonderful that day is and how that is what really matters. In the end, it always seems to work out, and I feel truly lucky to have such a wonderful family and memories.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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