Friday, December 6, 2013

Fancy Friday: Feeling Festive

Red Dress

While I love red dresses, I don't always love them on ME. While I have no problem wearing bold colors, sometimes it can feel a little too va-va-voom. Of course, now that its the holiday season, my head is filled with visions of sequins, sparkles and gorgeous red frocks like this one. Not that I don't already have ridiculous amounts of fancy dresses, but there is no time like the holidays to help rationalize buying a new one {or two.}

Even though my apartment is too teeny for a real tree, I'm determined to at least do something to make it feel more festive. Since I've put myself on a temporary shopping ban,* this weekend is the perfect opportunity to get creative and dress up my apartment as opposed to myself.

Are you ready for the holidays yet? Any plans for the weekend?

Whatever you have planned {even if its just some R&R}, enjoy!

*Different than a spending ban. Hey, its the holidays people. A girls gotta eat and drink!

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