Friday, December 20, 2013

Fancy Friday

"Haute Life": Shalom Harlow in Couture by Bruce Weber for US Vogue March 1995
This dress is everything. It puts my feather skirts to shame, and I am on a mission to one day own something similar. Until then, I'll just jump on my bed for joy in REGULAR feathered clothing. Granted, I feel like this MOST Friday's, but its especially appropriate today. I get to see "The Nutcracker" with my Mom tonight, a ballet which I have never outgrown. I listen to the music on repeat and it pretty  much signals the holiday season for me (though I've been known to play it year round...sshh!)

In addition to "The Nutcracker," there's a girls night on tap, and oh right THE HOLIDAYS! I think we can all agree that this season snuck up even faster than last year, so I am going to attempt to cram all my Christmas spirit and shenanigans into less than a week, starting the second I get off work today. Bring on the cheezy  movies, the crazy crowds and all of the candy canes a girl could dream of!

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