Thursday, April 25, 2013

La Vie en Rose

There are lots of things I love; sunshine, chocolate, driving with the windows down, champagne, I could go on and on. One of my absolute favorite things though is really a place-- France, especially Paris. Its always been a magical place to me, ever since my first trip when I was 15 {Can't even believe how long ago that was!} The food alone would be enough to hook you, but the fashion? Ooh la la indeed!

While I may never master the elusive art of French women's style, it doesn't stop me from trying! Black and white stripes always get me in a Parisian state of mind, and well, I just love how it makes the red really pop! 
Hey, its cheaper than a plane ticket...

Blouse: Gant {try this or this// Skirt: Asos

Trying to show off the tulle skirt {similar}, but looks more like I'm attempting the Can-Can

Necklaces: Max & Chloe, vintage gold chains

Jean Jacket: Zara {similar} // Ballet Flats: Pour La Victoire {try these or these}


  1. I too may never master the elusive art of French women's style ;-) maybe that's why I moved to America...

    1. Well I don't know about that missy, but we are happy to have you! :)


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