Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finally Free

...Of tights, heavy coats and yes, fur and leather. Its been real guys, but its time to pack it up and GO. While the seasonal changeover in my closet always gives me anxiety (its a massive project guys, but that's another story,) I'm gleefully giddy to be wearing this sundress.

Talk to me in July when its so hot you can barely move and I'll likely be curse any and all forms of clothing, but for now, its a fresh start. Time to say hello to some old forgotten friends and make room for some new ones. Oh, and patios of course. All the patios, please and thank you.

Blazer: Kulson {love this one} // Dress: Jack by BB Dakota {old but try this or this} // 
Belt: Vintage // Necklace: Ben Amun {similar  here and here}

Love, love, love a low back!

Vintage belt // Bracelets: Oia Jules, J. Crew Golden Gears
Nail Polish: Essie In the Cab-Ana

Flats: Sam Edelman {similar}
Oh hi there grass and cute yellow flowers, welcome back!

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