Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Pity the Fool

...Who doesn't get this reference. Sure I may not look much like Mr. T (I hope!), but I sure give him a run for his money in the jewelry department. The necklace and bracelet were actually DIY, and so easy its almost criminal (Step 1, buy chains and lobster clasps. Step 2, attach.)

I'd been lusting over this dress, and of course ALL Tibi, for a while, and when I saw it oh super sale at Shopbop I couldn't resist. After years of denial, I then finally understood the importance of a good tailor, but that's another story (and a very boring one at that.) So, without further ado...

Dress: Tibi // Jean Jacket: Zara {similar}

Bag: Marc Jacobs // Necklace: DIY // Bracelets: J. Crew and DIY

Shoes: Report // Bag: Forever21 {Obviously this Valentino is the dream}

{The discovery of the bag was all thanks to Allison from Chain Strap Purse}

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