Saturday, April 20, 2013

Camo Chameleon

While I had an army vest, 2 blouses and a jacket, what I didn't have was a camo jacket. Shocking I know. I'd been wanting one for while, but just wasn't sure if it really would work on me, which means I wasn't about to spend a lot. Wonder of wonders, I stumbled into Urban Outfitters while killing time before a haircut and BAM! Just what I had been looking for. Oh, and did I mention it was 75% off?
Fate, I tell ya, fate.

Jacket: ByCorpus // Sweater: 525 America {try this or this} // Pants: Zara {try these or these}

Necklace: Target {try this or this} // Bracelet: Forever21 {similar}
Nail Polish: Essie "Penny Talk"

Metallic Loafers: FS/NY {try these or these}

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