Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Yellow!

For some reason lately I have been really into the monochromatic look, not sure if its boredom with my wardrobe or some new type of creativity, but I can't seem to get enough!

While I love yellow, I often shy away from it because it does not pair well with my old standby black--way too easy to venture into bumblebee territory (only kids at Halloween can pull that look off.) Yellow and navy however feels crisp and bold, with maybe a touch of prep. I can't help but have a brighter outlook wearing a sunny yellow....although the fact that tomorrow is Friday doesn't hurt either.

Blazer: Theory {similar} // Sweater: Alice + Olivia {try this or this} // Skirt: J. Crew {similar
// Necklace: Vintage {try this}

Cuff: Asos {try this or the dreamy Pucci version}


  1. I'm dying for a yellow dress and navy blazer. Love the color combo!

    1. Thank you! These are all old (sshhhhh) but I found a yellow dress at Nordstrom's rack recently...and the new one is opening downtown soon...just sayin :)


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