Thursday, March 27, 2014

Splurge Vs. Steal: Gladiator Sandals

As usual, once I spotted Blair Eadie wearing something I immediately wanted it-- this time it was the Stuart Weitzman Gladiators...I mean how stunning is this look?
I could immediately imagine myself wearing them with everything from shorts to midi skirts...but did I have almost $400.00 to spend on sandals? Well, if I did I wouldn't be writing this post {or I'd be writing it from the comfort of my home in the Caribbean!}

So I did what I always did and proceeded to spend hours online trying to find something that would have the same feel, and while they are of course not AS amazing, they will do till I can afford the real thing.

{Atlantic Pacific}

Can you tell which is the splurge and which is the steal?

Untitled #17

Ok, so the Stuart Weitzman's are on the left, but hey, these ones by Wanted aren't bad for $80! I ordered them and certainly like them, though don't have as close a fit as the SW's {since they aren't fully stretchy.}

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