Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fancy Friday

Within the lines

Nothing says Friday like SJP in a Dior to die for!  She looks flawless and oh so perfectly spring-y. I've been so obsessed with this dress shape lately, even though sadly it's doesn't usually work on me {logistically.} Maybe it's simply because I've been buying Zara when I should have been buying Dior-- silly me!

I've managed to cook something or other every night this week {which probably hasn't happened since Clinton was in office..} so I'm going to try to continue the streak this week. If I bribe myself with enough wine and chocolate there may be spring cleaning-- wild and crazy I know! Who knows though once 9pm rolls around....

Any plans for the weekend? Laying low or hitting the town? Or both?! Whatever is on tap, enjoy!

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