Friday, May 30, 2014

Fancy(ish) Friday

3 summer-slips-weworewhat
{Danielle of WeWoreWhat}

I started amassing vintage slips on a whim long ago-- they're unique, affordable and the right ones can indeed be worn as outerwear. Its a very fine line though between 'lingerie inspired' outfit and 'hey I forgot to put clothes on before leaving the house.' While not authentic, an actual slip DRESS is an obviously much safer choice-- same look, less tricky.

I adore everything about this outfit...except for the sandals, which have been cropped out on principal. No no no, I will not get on board the 'ugly sandal' trend. Sorry, sometimes you really can say never. That being said, I would otherwise steal this look in a heartbeat!

Thanks to the long weekend, this week has managed to fly by-- can't we just always have 4 day weeks? No? Ok, well I will take what I can get! I'm feeling magically rested and re-energized compared to the last few weeks, and plan on taking full advantage of it. Nothing crazy, but some quality girl time and a nice run are hopefully in the cards {ok, the run is the only one of the two not guaranteed.}

Hope you have a great weekend!

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