Friday, May 16, 2014

Fancy Friday


Not sure which is more beautiful-- this Ulyana Sergenko dress or the the woman wearing it...I'd take either! While I'm not always a fan of strapless {except on gowns, and still then, not on me} this takes the cake. Somehow the floral and the full skirt make a plunging strapless look sultry and springy, not sleazy. A perfect spring moment in my perfect city {Paris of course.}

After running around {literally and metaphorically} for the last few weeks, I can't wait for some quality time home. Yes, nail painting, face masks and some major chill time is in order tonight. Added bonus-- I'll be fully rested for a night out tomorrow! As much as I love relaxing, too much of it and I just get a major case of the blahs. Balance balance balance seems to be the key {at least that's what I hear.}

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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