Thursday, March 7, 2013

Style Crush: Ulyana Sergeenko

In my endless browsing of street style photos for inspiration, one face kept popping up. It wasn't just that her looks were stunning {although they are}, but her classic glam style punched up with a modern edge. From the first shot of her I saw {see below}, it was fashion love at first sight. 

After that, it seemed like every one of my favorite looks were hers...and I didn't even know her name!  As always, the internet came to my rescue and I found out that she was Ulyana Sergeenko, a Russian fashion designer, photographer, and street style icon.  

Whether she is going full on glamour or tough girly chic, she's always put together from head to toe. While I might not wear a see through mesh dress or skirt of made of fur to run errands, I definitely want to work in more of her old school glam in my life.  Between my Russian ancestry and my love of vintage, its only natural that I would be hooked on her-- I'm just not sure why it took me so long!

{this was the first look of hers that I couldn't get out of my head}


Feathers AND tulle? Swoon...

Who else could rock a mesh dress and actually look ladylike?


  1. Pretty sure I"d sell my soul for those neutral heels with the black stripe up the back. Dayum.

    1. AGREED! Although, I would for any of them probably ;)


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