Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back on the Chain Gang

Here is another example of how I like to wear a suit-- choose pieces that are different materials, patterns etc, but all share a common color scheme and style. Matching suits have a time and a place, but I prefer to create my own. 

Literally everything but the sweater are thanks to my mom. Her taste never ceases to amaze me, and always manages to find things I adore, but never would have thought of on my own. 

Skirt: Red Valentino {similar here} // Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg {old but thisthis and this are similar} // Sweater: Callixta {similar herehere and here}

WatchMichael Kors Oversized Two-Tone Chronograph // Necklace: From Seams in San Francisco {this is very close}

Since you know I love details, here is one of the reasons I love this skirt-- there is a small layer of tulle underneath to give it just the right "pouf!"

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