Friday, June 20, 2014

Fancy Friday: Paris Je T'aime

{Jenny from Margo & Me}

Even if you have only read one post {and thank you for reading another} you probably have noticed I am just slightly obsessed with all things Parisian. And by slightly I of course mean ridiculously head over heels in love. Needless to say that when my love for Paris and my love for gorgeous gowns are combined, the obsession is on a whole other level. Le sigh indeed....

I'm off today and plan on spending most of the day with my super fun and stylish Mom {seriously, most of my best stuff is from her!} Since I still can't run, she's convinced me to attempt my first Pilates class in almost ten years. Here's to fresh starts and new challenges I guess? As always, bubbly is on tap for the night though with my girlfriend, it IS the weekend after all!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

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