Friday, November 1, 2013

Fancy Friday



I had a different image planned but considering the weather, I thought this was appropriate. This has got to be the chicest rainy day outfit I've seen, and the glove/umbrella combo? Badass in a ladylike way!
Everyone and their mother can't believe its already November so I won't even go there (although I guess I just did!) What's important is that this means its my birthday Tuesday, aka my favorite excuse for rationalizing any and all purchases I make (before, during and um after.) Hello thigh high suede boots! But I'm getting ahead of myself as usual...

While apparently I missed the memo that the whole world was celebrating Halloween LAST weekend, my friends and I are luckily still planning on dressing up tonight. I get to wear something I've been dying to for over a YEAR, so you can bet I'm as excited as kid before diving into their stash of candy. Only of course, now candy really means cocktails.

Have a great weekend!

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