Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Dreams are Made Of

Lately, all I can think about are investment pieces. No, I have not won the lottery or inherited millions {le sigh.} However, I think that as I get older I finally do realize that yes, all those throwaway pieces do in fact add up to at least 2 nice bags a year (if not more.) Granted, this is not new advice at all, but I may actually FOLLOW it now.

There are a few items that I just keep coming back to over and over again. A 'bucket list of fashion' if you will. Now some of them just require a brief shopping hiatus, while others mean spending lockdown for months. I'm thinking of creating a separate savings account just for those big ticket items, so that I can really see my progress. Or something.

Either are a few on my list. What items do you daydream about?

Wish list 2

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