Monday, January 28, 2013

Better off Red

Red is one of those colors that I love in theory but find it hard to pull of in real life. I have a few red items that I adore, but lately only serve the purpose of adding color to my closet. It always made me feel a little too Va Va Voom for daytime.

Lately I've been noticing though that I keep being drawn to a lot of Red-centric looks. So my new mission is to incorporate more red in my daily style, while avoiding the overly Vegas or Valentine overtones. 

The key seems to be incorporating at least one pattern and/or contrasting color that both compliment, but also tone down, the boldness of the red. As always, accessories are my favorite icing on the cake (er, outfit.)

These lovelies pull it off perfectly!

A Lacey Perspective: Red Booties 

Of course, sometimes a piece is so stunning that it deserves to pop all on its own. This one wakes you up more than a triple espresso!

The bag is just the icing on the cake

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