Friday, August 8, 2014

Fancy Friday

Paris Haute Couture AH 2014/15

Just because almost everything I have been wearing, wanting, and posting have been little white dresses, that doesn't mean I have forgotten my love for all things black. Even if I had actually forgotten, this outfit would have reminded me in less than a minute{after I picked my jaw up off the floor.} Its a showstopper-- from the perfectly placed long straight hair to the little triangle cutouts-- this is not something you see every day!
Unfortunately thanks to a few extra assets than her, its not likely I can pull this off, but its certainly got my craving black and drama again!

Looking forward to some wonderful girl time--which of course also means wonderful bubbly-- and finishing up Marisha Pessl's 'Night Film.' I started it at the beach and would have been done within a few days if it weren't for things like work. If you haven't read it, GO! Her first book, 'Special Topics In Calamity Physics' is fantastic as well.

Have a Great Weekend!!

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