Friday, August 15, 2014

Closet Creations

I know I've been getting worse at blog posts lately. I could blame the summer, work, etc but really its only my bank account. In the interest of trying to be a grown-up and not buy EVERY SINGLE THING I WANT, I've been re-wearing oldies but goodies. Now, I can't really complain. Thanks to all of my previous shopping I have tons of options...but its just not as exciting. Nothing like a shiny new object to perk a girl up.

Its made me get more creative, which is a good thing. Plus, we all know when I say I'm behaving its not like I'm not shopping. I'm just not listing it as my sole extracurricular activity! 

Jacket: Kulson // Top: J. Crew {similar here and here} // Skirt: Forever 21 {try this or this}


Sunglasses: Asos // Shoes: Zara 

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